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What Are Tradelines and Do They Work?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020



A tradeline is simply a fancy name for a credit account. There are some different methods for obtaining trade lines and while some are legit, most are not so much. You may have heard friends talking about how they got some new tradelines on their credit report and it has sent their credit score through the roof-- and they try to convince you that you can do it too. This subject is very touchy because there aren't exactly a lot of laws to outline what is legal or not yet when it comes to tradelines.

If you add a tradeline to your report to raise your score, and are found lying , one thing you should be worried about is being found guilty of committing fraud . It is important to educate yourself on the legit ways to add trade lines on your credit report to help boost your score.

Here are some good ways to boost your score using tradelines:

Spouse: Your spouse may add you to their credit card as an authorized user.

Parent or other family member: Your mother, father, or even siblings may add you as an authorized user for a credit card with an actual card to use.

Applying for credit: This way is the least favored way to add a trade line if you are looking for the quick boost in your credit score. However,it is the best option over the long term to help raise your score . There is risk of being denied credit, as well as a score drop at first from the inquiry hitting your credit report.

Here are some not recommended ways to boost your score using tradelines:

Friend: A close friend adds you as an authorized user to their credit card.

Stranger/service: You meet someone from an ad online that sells "tradelines" and guarantees a credit score boost. Adding tradelines in this manner leaves you vulnerable to potential fraud and possibly in jail. Keep in mind it might not help with getting you a loan from a lender.

Always be cautious about any individual or company who guarantees any results when it comes to your credit report and/or raising your score in a short period of time. Adding tradelines from a friend or stranger can be looked at as deceiving the lender and committing bank fraud in order to obtain credit. Most services that add tradelines to your report do so for only a short period of time and then remove you as an authorized user from the credit account. Tradelines services know that positive long credit history can have a substantial affect on your credit score and can boost your score quickly. Removing you abruptly as an authorized user can negatively affect your score.

Sometimes if a tradeline deal sounds too good to be true, then probably is. The Fico® 8 scoring model introduced in 2009 makes it difficult to have new tradelines make a substantial impact on your score if you are just buying tradelines to add to your credit report. It is better to be added to a close family members tradeline as an authorized user. This way you will have a physical card to help boost your score and build good credit habits.

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